With the light fading we carried the boat down the ramp and placed it into the water - without great ceremony. Marg stepped into the boat and off she went!! The dinghy rowed very easily and Marg who had never rowed before soon got the hang of it .
This section of the river is controlled by weirs and the water was very calm . Matt joined Marg in the boat and we rowed up and down the river for about 30 minutes before the light faded and dinner called.
The following afternoon we set off to a coastal lake to try out the sailing capability. A light breeze with small gusts was blowing along the shore as Marg took the boat out for its first sail. It handled GREAT! The only problem encountered was that the tiller was too long to allow easy movement from side to side and neither of us remembered to take a saw. ( We had both thought that the tiller was too long).
The unstayed mast was satisfactory in the light breeze and we have yet to try the boat again.