The hull was given a total of 3 coats of high build epoxy undercoat and sanded with wet and dry to a smooth finish. (This undercoat really does sand much better with wet and dry - a fact realised after going through aluminium oxide sandpaper at a great rate)
Three topcoats of Aquacote water based polyurethane paint. This paint dries very quickly and using a good foam brush a reasonable finish was obtained. For a superior finish it would be necessary to apply the paint with compressed air spray equipment.
Originally we had purchased white paint for the outside of the hull and gold for the inside. Marg decided to use the gold on the outside and as the timber and ply looked good she painted the inside with a clear marine varnish.
The inside of the hull did turn out well with the tapes being almost unnoticeable.
Having completed the painting , the fittings such as rowlocks, towing ring, cleats, rudder pintles and various cleats and saddles were added to the hull. Stainless steel screws were used for attachments with holes being sealed with silicone sealer.
Late on a Friday afternoon the boat was tied to the top of the car and we went to the Richmond River here in Casino for the LAUNCH!!!!!!!!!!