New Project - Joker 820
After using the Jarcat for a while I had a wish to move on to a larger boat. After looking around for a boat that would be suitable to trail across country whilst still providing a good amount of room I discovered the Joker 820 trailer sailer designed by a (young) Ron Given and at the time only made in New Zealand.

The boat utilised water ballast of about 500 kilograms which meant that it would be lighter on the trailer than those boats that used lead or other forms of fixed ballast.

After some internet searches and emails I was finally able to purchase a set of plans to have a good look at the construction.

Before launching into construction I wanted to have a sail on the Joker to see how it handled and "felt". As none had been constructed in Australia, I contacted the person who sent the plans, Peter Stark in New Zealand. He said we were welcome to go over and he would arrange a test sail. Peter had finished his own Joker 820, "Keeladen", and we made plans to travel to NZ and take part in a couple of races with Peter.

We in fact sailed in two races over two weekends and had time between to tour part of the North Island. We met Cedric and "Topsy" Ingerson in Hamilton. Cedric had been instrumental in promoting the Joker in New Zealand and had built several himself.

We enjoyed wonderful hospitality from the Ingersons and Starks and all those we met at Maraetai Beach Boat Club.
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Dawn at Maraetai Beach Boat Club
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Peter Stark, Topsy, Me and Cedric with Peter's Joker 820 - "Keeladen" in 2009.