Final Update - (finally)

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Photo of first time in the water. Launched in late 2006 at Groper Creek. No mast or sails finished so tested with outboard alone
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We first used the sails as shown in the plans, however after gaining some confidence we found that the jib was too small to effectively power the boat. We purchased a new genoa and curler which made a great improvement. Here we are sailing in Upstart Bay northern Queensland
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Our longest sailing trip was for one week in the northern Whitsundays. We left Bowen with three monohulls and sailed toward Airlie staying overnight at Monty's across the water from the southern end of Gloucester Island.

We spent following nights anchored in Double Bay. Luckily we had glorious weather for the whole week with calm nights and still mornings.

Can't get much better than this.
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    The cabin provides enough room for short trips - we found one week was comfortable
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    Each day we visited one of the nearby islands. The area is National Park. We found enough wind to sail - here under genoa alone.
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    A wonderful week with fantastic weather and scenery
Some thoughts on the Jarcat generally
  • Great in smooth(ish) water
  • In lumpy weather, which we get here when the wind picks up and we get a swell from one direction with short sharp wind waves from another, the boat rides over not through the waves which tends to slow you down and slam the boat against the next wave
  • Good amount of room for short camping trips - stable at night which allows a good onboard sleep.
  • Some say the boat is not very fast - I think it's pretty good. We have hit just over 13 knots under sail.
  • Can dry out on the beach and stay upright
  • I don't get particularly good pointing and tacking in light airs a problem - this is probably my ineptitude rather than a boat fault
I had to put at least one video on the site so here is one clip taken onboard sailing in light airs on Upstart Bay and another recent one on a moderate wind day.